Electrical & Recessed Lighting

Electrical repairs and installations can be some of the most difficult tasks that an owner faces in improving their home, not to mention the high risk of injury when these jobs are performed by those without the necessary knowledge. We are well-versed in working with electrical systems and our experience makes us a reliable and safe solution to your electrical problems. From fixing faulty light switches and wall outlets to more complicated projects, we bring the right tools and knowledge to do the job right the first time.


In addition to standard wiring tasks, we are also available to perform other electrical services, such as installing or replacing ceiling lights and fans. Installing a ceiling fan is a great idea for anyone looking to cut down on high air conditioning expenses and improve air circulation within the home, with decoration being an added bonus. We can help with both product selection and the subsequent installation to help realize these improvements.


For a person that is looking to maximize the space and functionality of their rooms, we offer full recessed lighting packages to get rid of bulky ceiling lights and create a more dynamic lighting arrangement for a home. Recessed lighting works well for both ambient and access lighting needs and we are happy to take care of any installation, conversion, or maintenance needs that arise.

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