All of our estimates are done on an individual and personal basis. Phone estimates are not accurate, please do not ask. Asking for a ballpark figure means that you are not ready to make a commitment to actually research all that will be required to do or repair your project properly. We need to be able to see your project to understand and recommend the best solutions. Each estimate is tailored specifically to your needs and what is best for your home, building or property. Doing an actual estimate allows the estimator to use their experience to evaluate your need and make the best recommendation for you. Some estimates will be a short term fix, until you are ready to do a compete remodel or sell. Other recommendations will be based upon the factor that you are staying in your home and want the best, so you may enjoy a quality of life and pride of home ownership.

Repairs: Sometimes the simplest repair if not done properly or completely can cost more money later on. Remember you are hiring a full service company that cares about you and your home or property. Our pricing will reflect that quality of care and service while protecting you with liability insurance, workers compensation and a “Bond of Completion”. Being a family owned and operated company allows us to do the best for you. Our values and work ethics insure you get the best service experience.

Improvements: Many times your home improvement projects involve repairing things that are already installed in your home or building and may need repair or replacement. Most materials that were installed in the original building of your home or previous rebuilding/improvement project are no longer available. You may be faced with the decision of matching as close as you can get or tearing it out completely and starting with something new. Costs usually help you decide what to do, but the best quality is always what is going to help us decide what is best for you.

Tail light guarantee: Usually what a handyman will offer you when guaranteeing the quality or warranty of their work, “As long as you can see my tail lights, I will guarantee the work”. And you realize that as they round the corner and drive away, so went your guarantee. Most often you cannot get them to return a phone call or ever get them to come back.

Our guarantee: We do the best quality job, the first time. We will return if there are adjustments to be made. We answer the phone and return your calls. Doing our best to make your experience pleasant is our business.
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