Are you embarrassed to keep your garage door open for fear that neighbors might see an ugly, oil-stained concrete floor? Maybe it's time to go for an upgrade and install a garage floor epoxy texture. This relatively modern material is an excellent solution, providing not only protection against spills and stains but also delivering an attractive finish that will let you leave your garage door open with pride again.


Many people are turning to the garage floor epoxy textures because of their high versatility. In addition to looking good, this type of flooring is resistant to acids, water, solvents, and even penetration from bacteria. The epoxy coating can also be made to be skid resistant, making them much safer than traditional concrete floors that can develop slick spots and become a safety hazard.


To install a new epoxy garage floor coating on your own, it could take up to a week and require expensive equipment, but we can have the job done in only a few days. We have installed many different types of epoxies on different sizes and shapes of garages and have a strong understanding of which formulations will work the best. We will help you select the right product based on your personal preferences and take care of all the installation details so you never need to be ashamed of your garage floor.

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