In terms of being attractive and durable, there are few materials that can hold a candle to stucco. Usually covering brick or concrete to provide a more pleasing visual appearance, the material can be created with almost any color to meet an owner's needs. In addition, it is very low-maintenance, requiring much less effort to keep looking nice than the previously mentioned materials. At the same time, installation of stucco can be a tricky business and when done wrong, it can literally start to fall apart soon after it has been applied.


While stucco may be difficult to properly apply for a person that has little experience with the material, we're at the other end of the spectrum. We have done many stucco installations and understand the need to prevent moisture from causing problems. Before adding a new stucco to any home, we will make a thorough investigation and address any plumbing issues that may lead to stucco deterioration.


In many cases, a home with an existing stucco layer will only need light repairs to cracked or chipped areas. We are able to complete these smaller projects with ease and will advise owners if we believe the problems are normal wear and tear or something more serious like a water leak. Our knowledge of proper stucco techniques will ensure you get the maximum life from each application or repair.

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